United Kingdom – France – Ireland – slightly easier travel

By | 24 February 2021

Since Monday, 22.02.2021 drivers exiting the UK and Ireland, who are traveling to France do NOT have to be tested for COVID-19 if they can prove that they have been in these countries for less than 48 hours.

COVID-19 test

Ferry operators and the Eurotunnel will ensure that the travel tickets will include the exact time of crossing from France to the UK/Ireland. This document will prove the length of the stay and must be presented when returning from the UK or Ireland. The authorities are considering also other types of documents.

Moreover, the test results from the UK and Ireland, obtained no earlier than 72 hours before leaving to France, are accepted.

You also need a declaration that you don’t have any COVID-19 symptoms.

If drivers have been in the UK or Ireland longer than 48 hours the obligation to test for COVID-19 remains active.