Slovenia – The Polish Embassy provides a guide for drivers

By | 16 March 2021

On March 15, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ljubljana released the “Guidebook for drivers traveling through Slovenia”.

The publication contains information for drivers of passenger cars and drivers of lorries.

graphics: Polish Embassy in Ljubljana

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ljubljana has prepared a special guide informing about the practices on Slovenian roads and the problems that drivers may encounter while driving through Slovenia. From the point of view of professional drivers, the most interesting is information about the practices of the Slovenian police, DARS (State Motorway Management Directorate), FURS customs (State Finance Office) and towing companies.

The information contained in the guide will allow you to find out about the practices applied by the above-mentioned services and companies and perhaps help to avoid “unpleasant surprises”.

For example, not everyone knows that for each designed section of the motorway there are two licensed companies that can tow a truck. You do not have to agree to the first one that appear on the site – it is worth making sure that the other company does it cheaper. Slovenian law specifies the maximum rates for towing a heavy vehicle, so before agreeing to the service, it is worth making sure that we are not scammed. Also, not in all cases towing services must remove the broken vehicle immediately. In case of doubt, better call the police.

The publication also contains a lot of other necessary information about traveling in car or truck in Slovenia. The editors of the document did their best, for which we would like to thank them 🙂

The Polish text is available at this link (Polish text can be easily translated to English by Google translate (or similar) service.