Slovakia – some border crossings are closed from February 15, 2021

By | 15 February 2021

According to the government services, from 15.02.2021 6.00 a.m. Slovakia introduces increased checks on compliance with the applicable restrictions on movement within Slovakia, and in border regions – checks on compliance with the rules of entry from abroad. Therefore, the following Polish – Slovak border crossings will be closed to passenger and goods traffic:

  • Radoszyce – Palota
  • Ożenna – Nižná Polianka
  • Muszynka – Kurov
  • Leluchów – Čirč
  • Szczawnica – Lesnica
  • Niedzica – Lysá nad Dunajcom
  • Łysa Polana – Tatranská Javorina
  • Chochołów – Suchá Hora
  • Winiarczykówka – Bobrov
  • Ujsoły – Novot’

As you can see, the border crossings through which you can pass by heavy vehicles (Chyżne and Barwinek) remain open.

Mandatory quarantine

From 6.00 on February 17th, 2021, Polish citizens entering the Slovak Republic are subject to absolute quarantine in home or state isolation centers for a period of 14 days, after mandatory registration on the dedicated website: https://korona.gov.sk/ehranica/. Exempt from compulsory quarantine include: drivers of freight transport, health care, funeral parlors and buses, pilots and crew of aircraft as well as train drivers and rail transport service after meeting the conditions set out in the current Order of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic No. 64/2021 in force from February 17th, 2021.

Transit through Slovakia

Citizens of the European Union countries, including Polish citizens, as well as their family members, may transit to another EU country through Slovakia within 8 hours without stopping, except for the necessary refueling at gas stations. It is not required to have a negative COVID-19 test.

IMPORTANT! According to the information obtained from the duty officer of the Police for Foreigners and Borders of the Slovak Republic, transit to Poland via transit through the territory of the Slovak Republic from countries with which Poland has a common border (Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany) is considered geographically unjustified and a refusal should be taken into account at the Ukrainian-Slovak border to carry out such a trip, possibly with a fine for violating the provisions on compulsory quarantine of persons entering the territory of the Slovak Republic.

In case of violation of the current rules for entry or transit, you may be fined up to EUR 1,659.