Poland – the regulation on permissible single axle load on certain roads has been repealed

By | 16 March 2021

IMPORTANT NOTE: The legal change described below is for the drive axle weight only. Any other tonnage restrictions that may be found on the road, indicated by appropriate road signs, remain in force.

On 13 March 2021, the Act amending the Act on Public Roads and certain other acts entered into force

The aforementioned act (link) repeals in its entirety the Regulation on the list of national roads and voivodeship roads on which vehicles with a permissible single axle load of up to 10 t may drive, and on a list of national roads on which vehicles with a permissible single axle load of up to 8 t. (link).

B19 sign

The Act adjusts Polish law to Council Directive 96/53/EC, establishing for certain road vehicles moving in the territory of the European Community the maximum permissible dimensions in national and international traffic and the maximum permissible loads in international traffic, thus fulfilling the obligations arising after the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union on 21 March 2019. The Court found that requiring heavy goods vehicle users to buy special permits to use the roads included in the trans-European road system is contrary to EU law.

The amended act says (briefly) one thing: vehicles with a permissible single drive axle load of up to 11.5 t are allowed to drive on all paved public roads. It is permissible to introduce or prohibit the movement of vehicles with a permissible load of a single drive axle above 10 t or above 8 t, but this prohibition is introduced by the appropriate road administrator via a road sign.

Here we come to the definition of this sign, the popular B19 (graphic above). Well, the new definition (link to the relevant regulation) makes it clear that it is not, as it has been defined so far, the weight on any single axle, but:

Sign B-19 “entry ban for vehicles with a load of a single drive axle above … t” shall be used on the public road or its section, within the boundaries of the area forming the zone referred to in Art. 41 par. 2 point 2 of the Act on public roads (…) and at road border crossings located on the external border of the European Union.

Bottom line: all road sections with a load capacity below 11.5 t per single drive axle must be marked with the B16 sign.

Due to the repeal of the regulation, which was the legal basis for creating road classification on our interactive map, the appropriate checkboxes for visualization of restrictions will soon be removed from there.

Should any general list of restrictions reappear, we will of course notify you as soon as possible.

Sources: isap.sejm.gov.pl