Latvia – is a PCR test for COVID-19 mandatory or not?

By | 23 February 2021

Recently in the article Latvia – mandatory PCR test for professional drivers, we stated that on the website of the Polish Embassy in Riga the obligation to submit a negative COVID-19 test result (the only recognized type: PCR also applies to professional drivers, some time ago this information disappeared from the mentioned government website.

COVID-19 test

Additionally, people traveling to and via Latvia report that so far none of the services in Latvia requires transport drivers to show the results of such tests.

Recently, on 19.02.2021, the Interinstitutional Group on Operational Management of the Republic of Latvia presented additional clarifications on the application of the rules on entry into Latvia. We read there that:

Testing for Covid-19 is not necessary if at least one of the following conditions is met:

The first condition is that a road haulier does not need to test for Covid-19 if, while performing official duties, including loading and unloading, leaves Latvia within 72 hours of entry.

The second condition is that the Covid-19 test does not have to be carried out before entering the Republic of Latvia, if the duration of the carrier’s stay in one of the countries posing a serious threat to public health (the list is published every Friday here: https://www.spkc.gov.lv/lv/valstu-saslimstibas-raditaji-ar-covid-19-0 has not exceeded 72 hours in the last 14 days.

Original English text available here.

It clearly follows that the COVID-19 test is only required from drivers who do not meet any of the above conditions. If the 72-hour time limit is exceeded, the driver must do the test while already in Latvia.

So, if I am a professional driver and I am going to or through the Latvia…

The current requirement to present the driving license and driver card for the digital tachograph or printout from the tachograph from the last working day remains in force, as well as the certificate of international transport worker (available in our download section), when entering Latvia.

You must also register at https://covidpass.lv

Detailed info (in English) here.