Germany – Bayern suspended Sunday traffic ban for trucks

By | 25 February 2021

The bans in the federal states can be easily seen on our interactive map. Just select “prohibitions in DE the federal states” in the menu on the right, then click on the interesting land on the map to see the description (the map is updated once a week).

On February 19, Bayern also suspended Sunday traffic bans on the transport of goods by vehicles above 7.5 tonnes of total weight, at least until 28.02. goods can be transported throughout Germany on Sundays and public holidays. Below is a list of the general principles:

  1. The complete exemption from Sunday and holiday bans for all types of truck transport is valid until 28.02.2021 in the following states:
    • Baden-Württemberg
    • Bremen
    • Hamburg (exemption still active from 05.04.2020)
    • Hessen
    • Rheinland-Pfalz
  2. The exemption from the Sunday truck transport bans, with the exception of abnormal transport, applies in the following states:
    • Berlin
    • Brandenburg – transport of retail goods
    • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    • Niedersachsen
    • Nordrhein-Westfalen
    • Saarland
    • Sachsen
    • Schleswig-Holstein
  3. The exemption from traffic bans that apply to transport only for necessary journeys (including empty trips):
    • Sachsen-Anhalt
    • Thüringen
    • Bayern

Around 28.02.2021 we should get another update about potential new exemptions from Sunday traffic bans in Germany.

In addition, there are still exemptions for all transports to vaccination centers related to the coronavirus pandemic.