Are you coming to Germany from France? Get ready for the mandatory COVID-19 test

By | 1 March 2021

The German authorities, ignoring requests and prompts from all sides, from 02.03.2021 extended the obligation to have a negative COVID-19 test result. This time it will cover drivers entering Germany from the French Moselle department.

Moselle Depatment

This department has been recognized as an “area with coronavirus variants”, as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austrian Tyrol. The entry rules are similar: if in the last 10 days the driver has stayed or passed through the Moselle department, when entering Germany, you must show a negative coronavirus test (in paper or electronic form, in English, German or French) not older than 48 hours, and register in advance on the registration portal at https://www.einreiseanmeldung.de

Problems with the German registration portal

The mentioned registration in the German system may not be that simple. As reported by the media, the registration system has recently become a victim of a cyber attack and has been turned off. According to specialists, the repair should take up to 3 days, so until 04.03. So what about registration?

According to the German authorities, the failure of the portal does not exempt anyone from having a replacement proof of registration in paper form. This form (also in English) can be downloaded from this address.

France is also introducing restrictions

As a response to German actions, France also introduced an obligation to have a negative COVID-19 test result. Unlike our German colleagues, some exceptions have been made, of which we are most interested in this one:

The exemption from the obligation to present a PCR test, performed no earlier than 72 hours before entering the territory of the country, will be limited to professional activities only.

It clearly states that professional drivers (who are after all at work) will not have to be tested for COVID-19 when entering the French department of Moselle from Germany.

Should we expect queues at the borders again?

As reported by the government media, at the moment Germany is not planning border controls due to the new restrictions. However, joint patrols of German and French services are announced to check compliance with the introduced restrictions.

Where can I find a test center in the Moselle area?

A list of testing centers can be found at this link. However, remember that most require prior appointment and not everyone can be reached by large vehicle, so we recommend that you call them in advance.

There is also a testing point at the FR/DE border, near Saarbrücken (at the rest area on German side). Testing will be provided for free.