France removes the obligation to test drivers coming from Ireland

By | 8 March 2021

Due to the low percentage of positive COVID-19 tests carried out between January 28 and March 4 (only 0.24 percent of those tested were positive), France decided to waive the requirement to test for COVID-19 for drivers driving from Ireland. This requirement has been lifted from 5 March 2021.

The Dark Hedges, Ireland (pixabay)

The information was provided to the Reuters agency by the Transport Department in Dublin, on the basis of information sent from Paris. Negative test results will still be required in France for drivers arriving from the Netherlands or the UK.

This means that the tests do not have to be carried out only by drivers coming to France by ferry directly from Ireland. Drivers rolling on wheels from Ireland through Great Britain will still have to present a negative COVID-19 test before entering the ferry.

We would like to remind you that drivers who drive a round trip within the UK do not have to present a negative COVID-19 test result provided they return to the ferry within 48 hours of entering the UK. Documentation of this fact is required.

A negative COVID-19 test, performed in Ireland not earlier than 72 hours after entering the Dover ferry or the Folkestone train, is also honored.

Source: Reuters, gov.ie